2nd Inter-School English Elocution 1st Feb 2013

BVS Parsi High School hosted its 2nd Inter School Elocution appreciating Contemporary Poet. The Event took place on 1st February, 2013 at BVS’s premises. Work of Poets like Rudyard Kipling, Roald Dahl, Maya Angelou, Dr. Seuss, Edgar Guest, Billy Collins, and Ted Hughes and other renowned poets was delivered.

What is Contemporary Poetry ? According to one definition, Contemporary Poetry is of a high quality, written from 1960 to present day. For others, rhyme is not necessarily a part of this form as the poetry keeps a relaxed and conversational tone. Tone is an important mark of Contemporary poetry

Part of the beauty of Contemporary Poetry is its ability to say so much in few words. This concept is commonly called “Condensed Language” and requires the modern poet to pack every word with beauty, every line with multiple meaning, sometimes using the literal and metaphorical within the same words.

One of the things that make contemporary poetry so broad and difficult to define is its fabulous use, adaptation and sometimes utters rejection of form. So Contemporary Poetry is probably best defined by having limitless choices in form, meter, rhyme scheme, and subject matter. It is about poets rejecting a definition and being creative and intelligent as they walk along endless avenues and options. It is about putting a new spin on an old trick and understanding that great choices of word, form, or subject matter alone isn’t enough to make a great poem; it is the marriage of all three that matters the most.

Ms. Muneeza Shaikhali from Karachi Grammar School and Ms. Rubina Merchant from Habib Public School consented to be the Judges. Ms. Muneeza is an Assistant Head Mistress at Karachi Grammar School and Ms. Rubina, a Senior Coordinator of Middle Section and O’Level English Coordinator.

Colette Mathew, the English Language Coordinator for the Cambridge Section organized the Event with her team of Students including Waqar Ali Khan, Syed Murtaza Hasan Kazmi, Simak Mehmood, Syed Murtaza Rizvi, Musab Akhtar, Mafaz Rao, Ali Asghar Modhi, Amir Hussain Khan and Kazim Ali. All helped in the entire presentation and executed the task successfully. Other faculty members, Mr. Akber Lassi, Ms. Sadaf, Mr. Zohaib, Ms. Insha and Ms. Anam helped with Designing the Certificate and enhancing the ambiance of the Assembly Room.

19 students participated in the elocution of which 11 were from B.V.S Parsi High School. The participating schools were Al-Murtaza Senior Girls’ School, Habib Girl School, Happy Home School, Ghulaman-e-Abbas, PECHS Girls’ School, Shah Wilayat Public School, Mama Parsi School, and Generation’s School.

Manaal Ahmed of Shahwilayat Public School recited “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou, and secured the first position. Shaza Malik of Happy Home School delivered “Don’t Quit” by “Anonymous” and secured the second position. Abiha Batool of Al-Murtaza Senior Girls’ School recited “Television” by Roald Dahl and secured the third position.

The Virbaijeeites too, had a tough competition amongst themselves. Musab Akhtar of Class 10-B of Quaid-e-Azam house delivered Wonkavite by Roald Dahl and secured 1st position. Talha Ansari of Class 10-E of Quaid-e-Azam house recited The Nurse’s Song by Chris Riddell and came in 2nd position. The 3rd position went to Rashad Reyaz of Class 10-C of Lancelot House who delivered I’ve Got a Golden Ticket by Roald Dahl.

Thus, Quaid-e-Azam house came 1st with 27 points. The 2nd position was a tie between Lancelot and Soparivala, both with 7 pints. Rezashah House came last with 0 points.