World Youth Scrabble Championship at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

BVS boys shine at the

12th WYSC 2017 which was held at Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia from 27-29 November 2017.

Hasham Hadi Khan of 8D stood 4th in the whole world.

He is the Champion of Under 14 Category age just 13 years. This is the best performance by a current Virbaijeeite in any international appearance.

Under 10 Category 3rd position went to Muhammad Misbah-ur- Rehman of Grade 4C.

Under 12 Category 3rd position went to Muhammad Ali Saim Usmani of Grade 5A.

Syed Imaad Ali of Grade 7E stood 19th in the whole world. He was appreciated as the second best performer and the youngest in top 25 players.

The players have received shields and prizes due to their outstanding performance. Team Pakistan stood 2nd in the tournament as it bagged a total of 9 awards. It was a contingent of only 10 players and out of 10, four were from BVS.

This was the biggest International Youth Scrabble gathering to date which featured 190 top quality players from across the world (33 countries participated in it. )

Virbaijeeites!  Towards that best light!