Inter-School Chess Tournament

BVS students (7 in total) namely Shaheeruddin11E,  Shahmir Khan 8D, Hadi Raza 8D, Saim Saudagar and Huzaifa Zayn of 11E, S. M. Talha 9C and Mahad Mir of 9D were invited to play chess matches at the SMB Girls College last week. It was organised by Pakistan Chess federation. Two of our students S. M.  Shaheeruddin of 11E and S. M. Talha of 9C qualified for the semifinals.

Due to city conditions the matches were postponed and a best of three round was organised on Saturday. Our boys did well and clinched the top position (both being first on points basis). The final was against SMB College.  They have received a shield for their effort.