9th November Special Assembly 2017

On Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s anniversary, the school arranged a special assembly in the morning.

Wasi Mohsin Naqvi of 10-D stressed on the change that must come from within in all the Pakistanis so as to fulfil the dream of Dr. Iqbal.

Saib Hussain of 10-B talked of “KHUDI”, “the self” and encouraged the BVS students to soar and fly like Iqbal’s “Shaheens”.

The Principal, Mrs. Parakh enlightened the assembly on Dr. Allama Muhammad being not only a poet, philosopher and politician but an  academic, barrister and a scholar in British India.

He was widely known as having inspired the Pakistan Movement and is known as the SPIRITUAL  FATHER OF PAKISTAN.

She advised the students to be the torch bearers of Iqbal’s ENDURING VISION.